To make, all lives we can touch, financially wealthy


To explore the power of saving and investing

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"Everything can be taught", and we think about it seriously.

LEAP is a platform to take care of your financial best interest by enabling you to take the decision making into your hands. Starting with the community that we are building, a micro-investment tool, personal budget planners, and a lot more, we aim to create awareness around savings and investments while providing a safe platform to begin investing.

We are a bootstrapped startup, and some of our products will come to you as simple excel. Going ahead, we plan to raise funding for further releases based on your interest in us. Our target is to bring everything to manage personal finances in one place.

Why Bootstrapped?
Talking of better financial management and yet losing an investors money doesn't sound good to our ears. Therefore, we want to know the extent of support you will need before asking someone to make a heavy bet on us.

Where do you begin?
Starting with the knowledge community, we recommend that you build your knowledge about investment and savings tools, insurance, personal budgets, and the good and bad practices in personal finance management. We will follow up with tools to simplify your life at every step. 

What do we ask?
Take the LEAP of faith. Saving and investing is not difficult. It only needs some knowledge and a huge commitment to stick to your goals.

How much will it cost you?
To be truthful, we are not sure if you should be paying the price. However, we need to maintain a bottom and top-line to build and run a business. The higher cost will be the time you invest with us. We will make sure we are not a burden on your wallet.

Why should you know all of this?
We believe our investment is in building your trust in us, and for that, we need to be utterly transparent. Therefore, we wish to keep you updated about how everything will function as it builds.


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LEAP is a bootstrapped startup, literally, some of our products will come to you as an excel sheet. Liked the idea? We are open to finding a role for you. If you are an investor do reach out through the contact form.

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