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what is LEAP?
Leap is a micro-investment platform that collects the change money on all your digital transactions and invests in your choice of a mutual fund or equity traded funds.

where is my money invested?
Leap will be partnering with multiple mutual funds and equity traded funds. The choice of investment will be yours. All the change money collected in your account will be invested in the chosen funds.

how is my money rounded up?
When you spend money through net banking, UPI, or a credit/debit card the application will collect the amount to the nearest 10 by default. For example, you spend ₹373 on an Amazon transaction, we will collect ₹7.

is my data secured?
We are working on creating the application for you, rest assured, it will have the best in industry security and privacy settings. On the website, we do not ask for personal information beyond that for sign up.

which permissions will I share with the application?
We don't plan to invade your personal information, however, for the application to work well we will need permission to read your text messages and a UPI mandate to deduct the change money from your account.

how can I download the application?
The application is under development and will be soon available on the android and iOS platform

frequently asked questions

Detailed FAQs will be updated post the application release

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LEAP is a bootstrapped startup, literally, some of our products will come to you as an excel sheet. Liked the idea? We are open to finding a role for you. If you are an investor do reach out through the contact form.

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