The Inception

It was the beginning of August 2017. I had just entered my house when my cell phone chimed. The message read that my salary was credited to my account. Looking back, it was a tiny amount, but it was my first salary. I remember how I spent it, not because it was the happiest day to be alive but because I started a cycle of pain and misery I couldn’t end on my own.

On the same evening, with a few friends, I decided to throw a party and express my happiness that I am now standing on my feet. We billed a little over fourteen thousand, which was more than 50% of my salary at that time. Nonetheless, I did not realise the amount spent until I dealt with the reality. I paid the remaining money in rent and bills. I was left with nothing in my account within a week of getting my salary. I barely managed my expenses, credit card bills, and some debt I owed to a few friends in the following months. The party bill had a butterfly effect on my finances over a few months. At last, my dad came to the rescue and helped me stabilise the situation. There are many things I would change beginning with my first salary, but that is out of my hands now.

Once again, I was standing on my feet. This time I did things differently. April 2018 onwards, I never faced another challenge in managing my finances. I was never short on money. But what changed? I learned a few crucial lessons while struggling to fix the money situation I had made. The most important lesson is that making wealth is easy. Staying wealthy is not. Thanks to The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel, I can put it into words. The other lessons were to be optimistic about how much you can do with the money you make, stay paranoid of not having money to spend in the last week of a month or an emergency, and spend what you have wisely. I did not invest in the stock market as the first recourse. Building wealth started with a bank deposit, but that was me back in 2018.

Today we are building LEAP, a community of people aware or willing to be mindful of their finances. A lesson learned by one can be an essential tool in building the knowledge of others. What better to begin with than helping you become and stay wealthy?

Rishi Jain and I will strive hard to get you stories of people who have built wealth to meet their short or long-term goals in the following months. Engage over forums or share your story. Parallelly, Leap will publish a line of articles and a few primary products to help you begin saving and investing. Meanwhile, we are building a platform to help you save, invest, diversify, and get rich.

Don’t worry. No salary is small. Ronald Read died a millionaire.

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